1st wholesale contract

I got my first wholesale contract today.purchased $12,000 arv$95,000 repairs$40,000 Will attempt to flip for $$27,000 .Profit $15,000. Am I flipping to high with $27,000?

If all of the numbers you provided are correct, the investor would have approx $67K into the property and if they can in fact resell for $95K, then they should walk away with $28K or 29% equity before closing cost, any taxes, etc.

So to answer your question, I would say its worth a shot.

Way to go, your kicking butt now. Just make sure your repairs number are within reason .

sounds like you have a good deal abrewin’! good job

Did you get the check?! ;D

I think your fee is high. Then again I and all of us know nothing about your deal and the factors that play into it. 40K is a gut job so your gonna have to find an end buyer that does those types of deals? You do you have your buyers lined up, correct?


Hi Goro,
I think $27,000 is too high also. I’m thinking about purchasing,fixing, then sell retail. purchase$12,000 repair $40,000arv $95,000 profit $43,000. Yes , this house has been gutted. I estimate $40,000 because I want to completely change the floor plan because the bedrooms are room to room and add 2 bathrooms.4/2. My buyers for whatever reason can’t find the time to go view the property and I 'm working to get hml to purchase myself.
Will keep you posted.

I’m not raining on your parade here but just keep this in mind. Something will pop up and create and extra expense here and there. It happens. Just keep that in mind if the furnace takes a dump and you say “Oh crap I didn’t plan on that” Just be prepared for the worst. Also if this is your first rehab then keep things very simple. Well as simple as possible for a 40K rehab. Changing floorplans, additions, or any other big ticket items require a lot of work and knowledge.


There is a buyer for EVERYTHING if the price is right!

By the way, I plan to install new furnance and ac. Hopefully, I can make this happen…thinking postive and preparing for the unknown.