1st timer

I have only bought my own home. I am planning on investing in other property. Does anyone know the best way to do this. I have started looking around my area. I guess the financing gets a little scary once you find a property since you don’t know if you have the money. but with so many people trying to take advantage I guess I am being carefull. Thanks for the tips

So you just want to buy one more property and thats it? if so, talk to a mortgage broker and see what you qualify for, then find a realtor and look for properties. Ask the realtor to find you something that generates positive cashflow based on 100% financing.

You need to decide if you are going to hold rentals or wholesale property or rehab property, etc. The important thing starting out is to decide what you are going to focus on and then just do it.

I would like to eventually hold and rent properties. I have been told that for now I should whosale and get some money in my pocket.

Also is it a good idea to use a realtor. I know in the past when I have used them they have refused to present an offer that is lower than market value, but it was not an investor realtor.

What do you think

Again thanks for the tips

In most states, Realtors are required to present all offers, unless the property owner has specifically stated, “Do not present offers below $XX amount”…


I would like to know what you guys think about using a realtor to find properties that cashflow. I have been having a horrible time finding a property that will cash flow in Spokane Washington right now.