1st timer and wanting 2 purchase a HUD foreclosure

My husband & I are extremely new to the game and just wanted to get a little direction. We have both been reading and researching for awhile now, but there’s nothign like getting it from someone who has been there and done that. We have our financing, found a property but not a broker yet, but my question is about lead based paint-is this considered a minor or major repair?

Is there verified lead based paint, or is it just a property built before 1978?

Lead abatement can be a major issue…most times, you just need to encapsulate and notify the buyers…

If parents would teach their kids to not eat the paint, a lot could be avoided…


It has been verified, and i rea up on the option to encapsulate the home but we’re not sure if that’s the most cost effective way to go.

You and your husband encapsulating (which simply means you paint over it) the home is going to be MUCH cheaper than trying to get any “lead removal specialists” to solve your problems. Since the presence of lead has been verified, you are now required to state you know about the presence of lead based paint. As Keith said, just paint it and check the appropriate blocks on the lead based disclosure form (whether you rent it out or sell it). Don’t make a costly mistake.