1st time Investor needing help and advice

Good Afternoon everyone. I will start to tell you that I have 4 years as a Mortgage Loan Officer and Mortgage Broker. After about two years of doing here and there jobs. I was introduced to the Investment flipping from a previous co-worker he was telling me about how easy it would be and how profitable it will be. AFter listening for a while I asked questions about what about repayment, what about credit and where in the hell are you going to get the money from the repairs? He went on to tell me that you have 6 months to repay the loan in full, there is no credit check(from the company he uses down in Florida) and the money you get from the loan pays for the renovations i.e. The home is worth $270,000 ARV and the home is selling for $95,000 the highest LTV that you are allowed with this company is 65% that leaves you with $175,000 Loan Amount after you pay $10,000-$15,000 in closing cost you are left with about $65,000 thats the money that you are left with to do the repairs. Form that conversation on I’ve been wanting to become a Real Estate Investor in Residential homes only. I have the drive the patience and the style to make a difference in the customers home and in my pocket. If anyone out there is knowledgable about any Hard Money Lenders that service in the MD, DC and VA area that does not require credit check or collateral PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! Thank you!