1st Quick Funding?

Has anyone used 1st Quick Funding, a New York-based private (hard money) lender? I am looking for any experiences.


You might have better luck posting this in the “Financing, Hard Money” forum.

I am hoping they can fund bulk REO purchase and rehab for me and a 5 property cashflow package I am marketing for a friend. I am not aware of any deals they have funded but I would be extremely interested to find out about any deals they fund.

I’ve never heard of them…sorry, can’t give you an references.

I know few lenders out there who could help with this request. Keep in mind that your client has to come up with cash to the table, otherwise, they are just spinning their wheels and wasting everyone’s time.
I have been requesting a minimum of 25% cash based on the purchase price and even more in some cases.

Good luck to you and your client and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the heads up. This is the idea spot for my question