1st experience

Hi guys I’m just starting out in real estate investing and have lil cash or good credit. :banghead
I was told that assigning contracts would be the best way I can get started and all the while put some money in my pocket. Any experiences you’d like to share good or bad as it pertains to assigned contracts please add on…Im in NYC area.


Well I suppose you couls start birdogging. Try to join a local REI club and try to find some investors that need contacts. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge & experience in this, your “birdogging” fee may not be much. But you need to know what the investor is looking for. Another option could be the old fashioned work you butt off to raise money and pay your bills on time. This will improve your own situation. You could look into buying distressed properties that need some work. Then you could either buy/fix/flip or buy/fix/hold to get started. There are a ton of good books out there about various REI options, this site is free and has a lot of good info. search through the posts. There’s even a Birdogging forum that you can click on to search for posts. Good luck.

Hi guys I'm just starting out in real estate investing and have lil cash or good credit.

It’s nearly impossible to be successful in real estate investing if you’ve got no money and bad credit. Therefore, I would suggest working your butt off; paying your bills, and saving some money BEFORE you start investing. In the mean time, you should study and learn your market.

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I know many successful birddogs that become wholesalers. Never closed on a house in years and have wholesaled hundreds of homes a year for fees as low as $1000 to as high as $50000. Millionaires becaue they knew a good deal and could work it, find a buyer, get a contract signed and talk smoothe…

Why buy when you can make the same money wholesaling…