1997 Tax Act Info

I know exerienced REIs know this, but for neophytes like me and others here, this link explains some of the fine print and gives information about the 1997 Tax Act and no more rollover.

Any comments by any veterans about this Act, and potential changes in the future, will be appreciated.


I know to hire a C.P.A. HERE IT COMES


I have a hard time keeping up with myself and my business and without the correct team I would be lost.

That is the great thing I do not need to know about the 1997 Tax act all I need to know is that he knows all about it. If not Fire him and find someone that does here is the key if you spent 2 days learning about the 1997 TAX ACT, After that wonderful 48 hours you would have an education on the subject right? If you spent 2 days calling on deals and made 20k on a deal you would have the money to pay someone with that education to do it for you while you are looking for the next 20k or even on a Island in the middle on nowhere sipping cocktails with the money you madeā€¦

Just my thoughts! Robb


When you post something, I read it.

More words of widsom. Hire competent, proven, experts in the field. They know more and do a better job, than non-experts can do.