19 Years old. I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 25. Possible?

19 Years old. I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 25. Possible?

Im 19 years old and have been studying this website along with multiple others day in and day out for the past 5 years.
I have read many, many books.
Never wasted money on workshops because I feel I can get the same info for free.

I work 9-5 at a large website company. and my expenses are VERY low. No kids. No rent. No Mortgage. No debt.
I have the ability to do research at work through the internet.

I’ve given much though about how I’d like to begin to invest my money, and I bring those thoughts to this board to gain insight and take constructive criticism

I have about 3,000 a month (starting next month) to launch into marketing.

I plan to use just about every avenue of marketing that I can reasonably maintain.

The reasoning behind this, is that I believe that the number of leads I can effectively qualify directly correlates to how many deals I can wholesale. No money is involved except for the hard costs (gas, cell phone, answering service if I want to use one) and marketing costs.

(Newspaper,bandit,cards,magnets,tv,billboards,flyers,postcards,direct mailing) -These are just a few to name but I am willing to utalize many more.

I have nights and weekends to physically put my signs up and implement my strategies

I ultimately want to work on rehabs. But I realize with the amount of money I have to spend on marketing, I might as well wholesale whatever deals come knocking my way. If I happen to find an excellent deal, I know that hard money is available if the numbers work.

The reason I’m leaning towards wholesaling right now is because all it really takes is marketing (to bring the deals) and know-how (to determine if they really are deals). Thats it. I dont need any money beyond that because that is the point of wholesaling.

The questions I have:

  1. Do you think my situation sits in an attractive place to wholesale deals to investors?

  2. If anyone else is doing this type of thing (spending lots and lots on marketing) – How many deals/how much profit are you generating every month?

  3. Please offer any tips you have that come from experience .

I live in Massachusetts.

Yes you can do it…

I would not start by spending $3k/month on marketing. Start by spending much less and test different marketing strategies to see which one works best for you first. Otherwise, you will be wasting the money and won’t know which one is truely working for you.

As far as being able to become a millionaire in 6 years, any business has the potential of making you a millionaire not just real estate. It is just a matter of knowing how to do it right. So yes you could. But that doesn’t mean you will just because you are investing in real estate.

Its possible. Have you made 10,000 yet? 100,000?