$15k loan needed!!!!

I have a investor that just purchased a small convenience store a couple of months ago. The store nets about $2,100 a month. He need the $15k to do some upgrades and stock the store completely, with hot dog, nacho and soda fountain machine. He have a 2002 Ford Explorer, black, 39,000 mi. Bluebook value: $16,900. for coll. if needed. What are your terms.


Hello William

Did you try to talk to some of your local banks about a small, unsecured business line of credit. Most are available to folks up to $50 K, sometimes $100K with no financials. You do need good credit scores.

What part of the country are you in?

Hello William,

Sorry, that is a part of the country unfamiliar with us. We know where to go in the Midwest across to the New England States and then down through the MidAtlantic to Virginia.

I’ll give a quick look to see what banks have their footprint in that area but I know the two major ones we use are not there.

Hello Bill,

Here are some possible sources: AmSouth, Compass and Wachovia (formerly Southtrust). Wachovia will be relationship driven on their product so if you do not do your banking with them they will probably not help. Compass looks to have the right profile.

If you want to give a call, I can give you some further insight into how to approach.

Hello Bill,

Sorry for not adding this but AMEX has some products that can work also without introducing financials. Here is the link:


You ever see that commercial for CASH CALL? up to 10k overnight. That might be an option.