15 People Shot in 6 Hours in the Land of Socialism

In The Chosen One’s hometown, the land of socialism and gun bans, FIFTEEN PEOPLE WERE SHOT IN JUST 6 HOURS! How’s that gun ban working out? Here’s the article.


That gun ban isn’t working at all. If people can get in their car and drive an hour and get as many illegal guns as they want, how would that be considered a ban?


Exactly. Not working. The only solution is to have a National gun ban guys!

No gun ban will work…National or not…The drug cartels will continue bringing them into the country as they have been doing for decades…Pointless to stop Americans from having the right to have their own arms…

But … dont you understand that if we take away guns from everybody… less guns=less crime. Its proven dont you know? Texas has really high crime… uhhh… wait. uhhm…

Dang… I guess Liberals are wrong… never mind :rolleyes

I agree that no gun ban will work. Guns should only be in the hands of LICENSED, TRAINED and SANE non-felon gun owners.

That’s where we are messing up. The police should be able to say to the gun-toting gang-banger, “Where’s your license for that firearm?! You don’t have one? That gun is then illegal and will be confiscated.”

This would get criminals’ guns off the streets. And create a nice industry of gun training centers. This could all be paid for by licensing fees. You pay for the right to drive a motorcycle or car. No reason why you can’t pay for the right to own a firearm. To put some of the horrendous costs of gun injuries and gun deaths back on the people who purchase them.

Now let the screaming about that begin anew…


You’ve come up with another brilliant socialist plan FO! Punish law abiding citizens - BRILLIANT!

Here’s another (better) plan. How about severely punishing the actual criminals?

Here’s the best plan. Encourage ALL law abiding citizens to carry guns. If that were to occur, violent crime would all but disappear because everyone would be armed! Any criminal deciding to continue their violent ways would end up dead in short order. Either way - problem solved!!! Fewer scumbags on the planet - priceless!

I paid over $150 to get my license and concealed carry permit. Seems like we’re already paying fees… Uh-oh, that’s not working for your plan.

The goddie two shoe liberal gun grabbers haven’t figured out the simple concept that “gun bans” only impact lawful citizens not criminals. It’s funny in ironic how every city that has a gun ban is usually in the top 10 for gun crimes. One would think that gun ban supporters would put 2+2 together and figure it out that gun bans don’t work. Nah, that would take common sense thinking.

It's funny in ironic how every city that has a gun ban is usually in the top 10 for gun crimes.

And the shining star of the socialist’s gun control ban, Washington D.C., is the murder capital of the USA!!!

Furthermore, the socialists don’t want to understand that the Second Amendment isn’t only about self-defense, it’s about the people protecting themselves from a tyrannical government!!! Think we might ever need to do that???

Yea…It’s ALL Obama’s fault!!!

I guess the OTHER shootings that occured every year for the previous 9 years were all BUSH’s FAULT TOO!!!

FDJake, No the gun ban isn’t Obama’s fault. The gun ban in Washington D.C. has been effect for several decades. Unfortunately, there have been socialists screwing around with out Constitution for decades including many that were wearing the Republican name (George Bush comes to mind).

Somebody farted!! I bet it was a socialist. Washington DC is the fart capital of the nation. They’ll keep fartin until there is no clean air to breathe. Soon the country will be ruined and we’ll all be covered in doo doo. We need to stop them now or our children will be smelling cheese for years!!!

Lets get real guys, stop blaming the current administration for problems that are older than us.

Lets get real guys, stop blaming the current administration for problems that are older than us.

You’re right that our problems have been building for decades, however The Chosen One has done more damage in one year than has been done to our country since its inception. Osama is literally DESTROYING THE COUNTRY!