110/120 smoke alarm

whats the difference between hard wired 110/120 operated smoke alarm and or battery operated smoke alarm other than the battery?

Does it make a difference which one a building has? And what does a maitinence log require? help :huh

First off, most hard wired alarms also have a battery backup should there be a fire when the power is out or should the fire cause the home to loose power such as a wire melting, etc. Many times I believe in smaller buildings 1-4 units a regular battery operated unit is fine according to the law. I think the hard wired ones become required on larger buildings (5+ units). I am pretty sure this is the norm in most places though you shouldn’t quote me. As always check with your local laws (fire marshall should be able to tell you). In my area anything larger than 4 units gets an annual inspection from the fire marshall and they check everything from doors and windows to smoke detectors and fire alarms. You really want to make sure you are on the right side of the law on this one, especially if a fire occurs and someone is injured as you may really get hit hard legally if you are not up to code.

This may really vary from area to area, but the difference is probably due to the date the building was built and the requirements of the local fire department. Certain buildings built after a certain date require hardwired detectors. It’s also based on the number of units in the complex.

In Illinois you can use battery smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors, except if this is new construction or a rehab. Then you must nstall hard wired smoke detectors with battery backup. It does not matter if it is a single familyor multi-unit.

A maintenance log is just that. A log of all maintenance performed on the building that is listed.

I hope this helps . Joe

Thanks for all of your help guys.