1031 TIC Fractional Interest companies

I am looking for a Real Estate Investment company that puts together investors for Fractional Interest Tenant in Common 1031 Institutional Grade Qaulity Commerical Properties with a minimum that isn’t over my head i.e. 15k, or 25k or 50k versus the frequently required 100k, 500k or 1 million. I dont have a great deal of money and would like to diversify small amounts instead of risking it all on one commercial proprty. I am interested in more direct investing not just Real Estate of REIT mutual funds.

As you know there are many thousands of such companys and the task of finding a high-quality trustworthy company that I can afford is daunting. :oI cant possibly investigate, interview and contact very many. Just too many. If anyone can point me in a direction with companys that they have experience with, or their clients have done well with, or however else they happen to know about a good company, I would appreciate it. It would at least give me a good starting point for my research and investigation.

This is not exactly the answer you were looking for but what the heck,

Unless the money you are investing comes from a 1031 exchange and you are attempting to avoid the capital gains tax I would avoid the TIC companies. Your money will be much less liquid than in the REIT and the returns will be about the same.

The big advantage of TIC investing is that you can avoid the taxation on the sale of other investment property while becoming a passive investor. If you are not in that situation the REIT gives you the same passivity benefit without the rule that you cannot get out without the permission of the other T’sIC.