1031 Exchanges

We live in PDX and are looking for people to exchange properties with. From what I’ve read, the exchange services do not have any data bases for that. We’re on our own pretty much to locate another seller interested in 1031’s?
Any input would help

Where is PDX?

Try Kall8.com they have PBX

You can buy any piece of property you want with a 1031 exchange. Just use a 3rd party intermediary/accomadator (sorry bad spelling). They usually cost about $500-$1000.

Piece of cake… ;D

I have a PBX, too…but it’s an old one.


Sorry folks. I’m being lazy. It’s actually Portland Ore.

Most folks are not all that familiar with the airport codes for cities nationwide…except for the easy ones like PHX…


So you don’t actually live in an airport?

A 1031 exchange does not have to be done with someone who wants to trade property with you. In a delayed exchange, you sell your property, then within the next six months, acquire your replacement property.

A qualified intermediary who holds all exchange funds in escrow must be involved. though you can directly deed your relinquished property to your buyer and receive deed to your replacement property directly from your seller.

That would help out eliminating the cost of a realtor by finding fsbo’s, but I think you still need to look closely at trio etc to make sure you’re title is clear and no hidden restrictions on land.