1031 Exchange solution, to motivate reluctant sellers

We work with investors to help motivate sellers. Do you know someone with a rental property they really dont want any more, but they are reluctant to sell because of the 1250 recapture income on a depreciated asset. We have the solution. We have a investment vehicle call a Delaware Statutory Trust. Your reluctant seller can roll the sale proceeds from their property into our vehicle and do it tax free. We bring out a new investment out every two months. The underling property are either commercial buildings or multi family complexes. Typical the cash flow to the investor is 5.2 to 6% on an annualized basis. Cash is deposited monthly. Depending on the deal the cash is 70-90% tax deferred. We only do triple net leases, with pre-determined rate hikes.

We provide the four components you need to motivate your sellers. We have 1031 exchange vehicle, we have the 1031 intermediary, we have high current income that is tax deferred, we have huge capacity. Let us help you close those off market deals.