1031 Exchange and TIC's

I’ve been researching 1031 Exchanges lately and what I have found is most of the companies that perform these for you are also trying to get you involved with TIC’s. I am estimating that my proceeds from my oil and gas mineral sale will be over $1,000,000 and I want to turn that into real estate investments. TIC’s look very nice as an investment because they generate around 7-8% returns per year. Plus you get to keep any appreciation the building generates, principal equity, and you have tax shelters on your cash flow from depreciation and interest deductions.

I plan on keeping this money in the TIC for a long time so the illiquity factor is minimal for me. But my question to the forum is:

  1. Does anyone here own an interest in a big TIC?

  2. If so, what company would you suggest I use? (There are so many).

  3. Would you do it again if you had the chance?

Thank you in advance.

Howdy Agee77:

Part of the 1031 rules state that the investment be like kind. Have you gotten input as to the TIC deals being like kind with oil and gas deals?

Hi Agee77,

Not sure when you posted this, but I think I can help. I am on here as Hammer753, but my name is Tom. 26 years in financial planning, 18 years in real estate, and selling TIC’s to my clients. A great deal of due diligence done on companies, so I can share with you what I have found in my looking things over (if you still need the advice).