1031 Cost

What does it roughly cost (for an accountant/trustee )to do a 1031 exchange. I know this will vary by localities but I am just trying to get a general feel for the cost.

Typically a QI charges between $500-$1500 per exchange.

Depends upon the services you want performed.

If you want an escrow exchange agreement drawn up, your attorney can do it for $500 to $700. Once you have it, reuse it each time you do another exchange.

If you will be direct deeding between yourself and the buyer of your relinquished property, and also between yourself and the seller of your replacement property, the trust department at your local bank can probably act as your escrow agent. Their fee may run from $350 to $750.

If you need a qualified intermediary to take assignment of your contracts, take title to the exchange properties and to disperse the exchange funds, the fees start around $750 and go higher with the amount of liability the QI assumes.

BTW, if the accountant already works for you, s/he can not be your qualified intermediary. Google “1031 exchange qualified intermediary” to get links to several professional exchange accomodators who will gladly give you a schedule of services and the cost for each.

When you are talking about “having an accountant do a 1031 exchange” do you mean filing out the paperwork? Form 8824?