100mil to invest now!!!!

I have a client looking to invest in a new project before the yrs end. He is looking for projects in the 100mil range. If you have anything, that has cashflow, low cap rate ok with growth potential, NNN leases, hotels, industrial etc then please email me…I need to find him something this week…


I have something. email me if interested.

I’m looking for funding to buy land and build affordable workforce housing in Central Florida. Have business plan, pro forma budget and development team in place. Build sites are ready to go, must be placed under contract.

8)MY 2cents if you have 100mill to invest i would think you would have better ways to get it invested and find takers of it

Do not get me wrong this is a great fourm but i just dont think it is the palce for this add

To all the negative posters as to why I would look for people in here with projects to invest 100mil or even 10mil…

This forum, like many others is used by realtor and other investors. This gives you a chance to network with others not in your area. No realtor is going to know all the deals. Also alot of your multi-million dollar deals are not on the MLS, but handled thru private parties. Also many investors know of deals in the works that are local to there area.

It is called Networking people. You network by letting others know what you want and see if someone can bring it to the table.

So, if this is true, then you’ll have no problem with me deleting the entire thread because, by your own admission, it does not conform to the Forum Rules:

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Not that I really need your concurrence…but we have left it up to give you a chance to maybe connect…I have deleted several open attempts for wide-spread networking…

Let me know in the next hour or so…



Keith…if you want to delete the post that is okay with me. I will not die, besides a deal is bieng worked on right now for the investor. I finally just decided to comment to the few post made on this thread over the last several days.

But I do have to mention something in regards to some of the rules

Many brokers beeak the “No “Contact Me” Posts - do not ask to be contacted by email or phone in your post and do not include your email address or phone number in the body of your post.”

Someone comes on loan and ask about loan info and many say email me and leave the address.

In my (and all Moderators’) defense, we kill/modify as many violations as we see…I try to look all all new posts 'most every day and clean up as many as possible…but, yeah, we miss some of them sometimes…


I’d say if there are complaints, I’d like to ask if that person used the “report to moderator” feature on the site. Since there are only so many of us, it helps to have other people report spam, abuse, or someone not following rules.

Andrew look for the A Cool Quarter Million Instant Equity ad. I most definitely have something. Hope to talk to you soon