100k to invest, kinda a newbie!

Okay, say i have 50-100k to invest in real estate, should i find an agent? I want to invest in arizona, or texas. Markets are skyrocketing, my friend bought a property for 70k and it went up to 300k. I went to robert allens seminar, it was okay, pretty much said everything i know. He said if you want to be rich, get an agent to do everything for you, and make them happy by giving them a small commission.

Can anyone help me? I am from san diego, california.

I have read all rich dad’s books, and others. I want to get real life experience.

I am very tenacious and will do whatever it takes to get it done, and reach my goals.

As per properties in TX… Do you need a 1031 exchange? Or are you just looking to buy a property? Do you like Beach , City , Country, etc. properties?