100% Stated Loans

I need to refi my primary residence, currently I have an ARM that adjusted, ouch.

Are there any 100% stated loan programs out there?
If so, who do you suggest? What is the going rate?

I’m in Florida.

There are a number of lenders who’ll do a refi on primary residence stated. Most are cutting off the fico at 620 and you won’t get much more than 90% LTV on the property with a perfect mortgage history. A few lates and you’re down to 80% LTV in no time.


As my first boss told me to say when a client asks you about rate… What rate do you want? I can show you ho to get it, but you might not want it after i show you how much it’s going to cost you. a little broker humor

But in all seriousness, rate isn’t something you can just throw out, a complete picture of the entire loan scenario and loan package are required to even begin trying to figure out your interest rate… Your main concern should be finding a loan program and payment that best suits you.

Thank you for your reply. I have a good credit score and history, I just don’t have the equity, it’s in rental property I have.

I justed refi the rental property and the end of march, is it possible to pull out the equity with a HELOC and apply that to my primary?

If you can go SIVA, I know of one possibility:

This being said, if you have already refi’d in March, you might have a title seasoning issue.

PM me if you have any questions.


Scott Miller

You may be able to find a lender who’ll do the HELOC but i wouldn’t bank on it. However, lets assume you did, why would you then use that to pay your home’s mortgage with the ARM? You’re still in the same ARM and your overleveraging yourself in your investment property.

How long have you been in the primary residence, i’m assuming at least 2 years right since you’re saying the ARM adjusted. What LTV are you currently at? Sounds like you may have been in a negatively amortizing loan.

My main goal is to refi the arm on my primary, i have been in my primary for 2 years and it just adjusted.
I have a first @ 196K
and a HELOC @ 80K
The house appraised at 290K almost a year ago.

Is it possible to get a refi with this?
Since there is not much equity, I only brought up the rental property as a source to pull equity out of and stick in my primary and then refi the arm on my primary.

Hi Jason,

How’ve you been?

Just looked over some of the guidelines and 100% stated income for a primary property is definitely an option. Your credit, score, income, and assets will need to be reviewed to determine if you fit within the guidelines.

Will send you an email.


The programs are out there, It’s just going to depend on the individual situation.