100% owner financing of a house.

I’m trying to buy my first house and having trouble because I don’t qualify for a loan.

I was looking for an FHA loan… that is 3.5% down payment, but since I am employed by family, they consider me “self-employed” and I need to produce 2 years of tax returns, which I won’t have for another 13 months.

Through my rapid education of maintenance through my RV park, I am now a capable plumber, electrician, and probably everything else.

I want to buy a house that is barely not condemned and as long as it’s not in the ghetto, I’ll be alright.

I want to 100% owner finance it. I ask my realtor to do such things, and I’m not even sure that he’s listening. I tell him to make those 30/7 offers on 100s of different houses. Is he doing this? I doubt it.

What do I do? How do I find this “dream” (junk) house that I’m trying to buy and fix.


 We talked about this yesterday on the phone so search on Craigslist, Back page or any other Florida specific website for potential lease options or contract for deed with little or no money required down. Then you can control the property for a couple of years before you purchase. 


Would that lock me in so that I couldn’t sell it if I wanted to?

Not sure that made any sense, but thanks!

Are these people speaking English?

In any event, I found a company that specializes in finding 100% owner financed houses…

I found them on Craigslist…