100% financing

I am an investor in NC. I’m looking for investor mortgages for 100%. My credit score is above 700. Are there still mortgages out there for 100%? Its not that I don’t have any money down, I just don’t want to put any down if i don’t have too.

Yes there are 100% options but the guidelines have tightened up over the last month.

Full doc loans will have ok rates while reduced doc would be probably in the double digits.

What has your mortgage consultant advised you so far?

Yes, 100% loans are still available for credit scores of 680+. 720 is the range where it’s easiest to get 100% for investors now.

Good luck!

Susan Lassiter-Lyons

Although the conventional market’s appetite for these types of loans continues to diminish, there are additional 100% NOO financing options for those that can muster seller support (in the way of a seller second).


Scott Miller

In other words you need to become creative.


: they will facilitate 100% NOO for a full doc loan or 90% for a stated.

As was stated previously, there are creative ways to get 100% financing, one strategy involves lowering the lenders risk and giving him more than he asks for…


100% NOO financing with a mid FICO of 600?

This sounds a bit Rip Van Winkle—are you sure?


Scott Miller


The product is more than likely a hard money (or similiar) loan or a nonprime loan that allows for seller financing.

Not possible as full financing from a conventional wholesale lender.


On investment loans there are no 80/20 products offered in full by lenders for clients with a 620 score.

Please explain further so we know exactly how the loan in structured.


You’re probably looking at old guidelines

Make sure there is a recent date, at least past April/May this year.

Many conduit lenders fail to change their guidelines on the websites. Take for example…Phoenix Funding


Like I said—Rip Van Winkle…


I would like to be optimistic in that there are still programs available. However, based off of my experience and input from a number of major lenders, I would have to say that this is just an attempt by MsClosedLoans to increase call volume.

There are a number of seasoned mortgage veterans on this site, Mdhaas, EZLoanz and Investment Loans, jus to name a few. I would tend to believe that if they have never heard of it and are saying that it is bunk, it probably is.

If it looks like a duck…