100% Financing

i am trying to finance a high rise condo. 100% Financing, Stated income, 668 credit score.
Does any one know of any conventional lenders that whould do the deal?
thank you

owner occupied? what is the investment percentage versus owner-occupied in the building? are you self-employed?

i am not the buyer, i have a client who is trying to finance it. The property is an Investment, there is about 30% investors at the property, and the client is employed. But he needs to go stated, because he ownes 4 other properties.
He might be able to put 5% Down.
the value is 161,000.00
i would really appriciate any help.
thank you

668 stated to 100% probably is not going to happen. If you had a 680, I could tell you where to go. Tell him to put 5% down and then there should be a number of lenders that will do it.