100% Financing

[b][/b]I am seeking a source of 100% financing. Why, because if you have to put out downs all of the time you will eventually go broke. So, ideas please! :slight_smile:

There are loan program that will do 100% but you must hve stong credit. Try 80 % lender 20% owner finance that works well.

I have found that most banks want you to break the 680 score from Transunion to get 100% loans. Experian usually scores slightly higher than Transunion.

Agree with costa - for an investment property you are either going to have to score out mightily (and them pay rate like no other) or simply arrange a seller held second mortgage.

If you are not having success with finding a seller willing to hold second consider and interst only mortgage if your not holding properties longer than 5 or 6 years. This frees working capital, but can be dangerous when stacked, used without discipline or when/if the housing market stalls.


100% true financing is available and with good rates and yes good credit is important however let’s face it folks if you are going to make money you need to maximize you’re profits and that will occur with low interst rates and no point loans…DON"T PAY POINTS. If your mortgage broker is charging you to do business up front than he isn’t aware of what repeat business means to him or her and it’s time to find a new broker! Also when i got in the business i got hooked up with a credit analyst/specialist (because my credit was in the toilet) and i don’t know if he has a deal with the man upstairs or he signed a contract with the man downstairs but he helped me maintain my credit and get easy approvals with low rates!