100 dollar bills folded business cards

Does anyone happen to know what’s the
website for the 100 dollar bills folded marketing cards?

They look like authentic 100 dollar bills spread folded

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There are many…here’s a few:






What an awesome idea! I’ve never seen these until now! I’ve always heard that if someone doesn’t comment on your business card, to get a new one. I would imagine you’d get all sorts of responses from these cards, unfortunately they are a little pricey…oh well, has anyone on here actually used these before?

Other creative business cards.


Or you can check out …
The prices are great and you can order as little as 250 dropcards.

It seems to be a good idea to give a folded dollar bill, I’ve seen several styles of folded dollar bills and they are really attractive. they will definitely store those cards.

These are great! I have fun with them all of the time.

Try dropping them at the checkout in the grocery store and watch as the next customers come by and look at them make ethical decisions in their head. :cool What a blast.

I once slipped a closing agent a couple after we closed on a house. It was wrong to do it.

Ha! Neat. Any stories of people being “Ticketed” for littering/dropping their cards :smile

I don’t think so. You could also slip those to the ticketing officer. Not recommending it though.

I know that this is an old thread, but I ran across it doing a search and it reminded me of some cards that a mentor of mine used to use. They only work if you put them out.

I did this last year and never got ticketed for littering, ever :slight_smile:

I was dropping them literally everywhere we went, grocery stores, parking lots, banks. One time my husband and I laughed for an hour by dropping them right outside of walmart front doors, then we would park and laugh when people picked them up, hehehe.

I think it’s a fun way to market, and definitely entertaining if you are easy to amuse.

They sure will get picked up but I don’t think they’re effective mainly cause they’re not necessarily targeted to your market. And I think they cost a little bit more, too. Very creative though and a good way to get noticed. :slight_smile:

Aren’t we sacrificing branding if we use those money cards? What if your brand’s color scheme is not close to the color of money?

The highest quality version of these cards are the ones produced by http://www.100dollarcards.com/

I bought those a few years back and the paper even FEELS like real money paper.

My office was on the ground level of our local newspaper and we had a glass wall that looked out on the building’s atrium. Obviously, a lot of people trekked in and out all day.

When things were slow, I’d go throw one of these out in the middle of the atrium, walk back into the office and wait. The results were priceless.

I originally did this because I wondered what the reaction would be. Most people threw it back down interestingly enough and let the game go on for the next person. Eventually it got picked up though.

I never did get any deals off of it though.

The 100 dollar bill business cards are old fashioned and outdated as far as I’m concerned. Plastic business cards that resemble credit cards are doing pretting well and 3D Holygraphic cards.

There are many…here’s a few:




These business cards sound great. They will capture the customers attention. This is a good idea, but I do not know where you can find these postcards.

Not a fan of this type of marketing, it’s kind of in the same category as bandit signs to me.

It’s gimmicky and litters your City. Not something you should want your brand to be associated with if you’re in this business for the long term.

Funny how all three of these printers are out of business. The first link goes to a Volvo dealership.

Here’s one that’s still in business:

We use RealisticDropCards


You can do the new blue $100 note, the original green $100, $50, $20, and $1 dollar bills.