100% Commercial Loan

I don’t even know if this is possible, but I thought I’d throw it out to the forum anyway. I found a great deal on an apartment complex, but I don’t have anywhere near the 10% cash to put down. I would like to find either 100% financing or a money partner to go in on the deal with me. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Howdy Drew:

I just did a deal where the hard money lender needed money down from me and did not care where I got it. I found it and did the deal with almost 100% OPM. I could only get back $500 at the close which was half the earnest money.


I’ve been thru this senario for over 10 months now. There are 90% LTV lenders out there-if your seller wont hold a second.
Griffin and Assoc
Silver Hill
Bayview Mortgage

But you had better be buying it at below appraisal price to qualify

Straight 100% just doesnt exist unless your borrowing the deposit at hard money shark rates