100% commercial lenders

does anyone know the name of a wholesale lender who will do 100% financing on a 5+ unit multifamily property?

It does not exist. Beware of companies that portray themselves as wholesale lenders and tell you they can do it…You will notice that these companies want upfront “application fees”.

You can get 90% or possibly 95% with a seller carryback, but 100% isn’t happening.

Has anyone ever heard of this company?


I was looking for http://www.thegenesisprogram.org/ and mistyped the name and found these guys. Seems like on a SI/SA loan or sub-prime lender that does not season funds (e.g., Argent Mortgage or First Horizon non-prime wholesale) it would work, but I can’t help but wonder if it is entirely legal. If there was ever a grey area wrapped in a loophole this would seem to be a good example.

It is tricky.95% Ltv and 5 % seller carry back. As far as 100%. Sent you a pm.