100% CLTV?????

are there any lenders that will allow 100% CLTV? We are loooking for a first mortgage of 50% and our seller will hold a second of 50%.

I am 100% sure all lenders will turn you down because you have no skin in the deal and nothing to lose. If you find a lender that will do it we have 150 deals we can send that lender. Please keep everyone posted.

well you are not 100% right, I have recently closed loans with other lenders that allowed 100% CLTV. The reason I made this post was to find additional lenders, my other lenders have upper limits of 1 mil.

If you truly have 150 deals send them to me and I will broker the loan for you.

I am very stupid. Please name one lender that will do 100%.

I am sure you dont want to give out your sources and neither do I, especially on an open forum, no broker would do that. If you really have a deals send me one that really needs financing and i will get it done for you.

I have documented closing statements showing the transactions

Think you. You answer everyone questions. PM me if you can prove there is 100% financing, most brokers just blow smoke to get someone attention.

first off I did not make this post looking for loans to broker, I am looking for lenders, second I am very sure that if I posted who my source is you would happily go straight to the lender. Excuse me if I am protecting my source.

I repeat, I am not blowing smoke looking for loans to broker, I am looking for lenders and why should I give away the limited resources I have.

We will test you out to see if you can get a deal done. PM me what the requirements are and the fees. And rates, terms, ETC

ok I just sent you a PM.