10 unit complex

I have just received an e-mail about this property,
OWNER WILL CARRY A 20% 2nd(what % should one expecte to pay)
10 units all 3 bedrooms 100% occupied (area is short on 3 bedrooms that are affordable)
here are the numbers
Year: 2005
Scheduled Gross Income: $90,000
Vacancy: $4,500
Effective Gross Income: $85,500
Maintenance: $3,000
Taxes: $13,500
Insurance: $6,750
Other Expenses: $3,050
Total Expenses: $26,400
Net Operating Income: $59,100
Debt Service: $28,900
Other Capital Costs: $6,000
Pre-Tax Cash Flow: $24,200
Expenses/Unit: $3,240.00
Expenses/SF: $3.69
based on this, can one obtain a loan using the property as a source of income (24,200 pre-tax cash flow) whould one need reserves if the property is paying for its self and 100% occupied all long term tenants.

With good credit 95% CLTV is an option.

If you have seller second at 20%… what’s the hold up?

we can do multi family deals all day long.