10 reason a seller should Lease Option?

I need help with “10 Reason Why a Seller Should Lease Option their House?”

I want to start a postcard campaign and any help would be appreciated.

Reasons a seller would sell to you on L/O or reasons why you would sell on a L/O?

Here We Go

  1. Have Equity in the Property and don’t need that cash right now
  2. They have no equity in the property and just looking for some debt relief
    3)Cash Flow Purposes
    4)Get a higher Price for the property
    5)Can Collect an upfront option fee (non-refundable)
    6)Faster sale of Property under this method than with a Realtor (you can qualify as opposed to a lending source)
    7)Usually no Real Estate Commissions to pay
    8)Better Quality Renters - Serious Option Buyers will take care of and improve the property-hopefully
    9)Tenants that don’t buy - Can do it again - collect another option fee
    10)Still oen the property until its sold (Control of Deed)

Thats all I can think of at 1:54 am