10% Discount Card for Resturants in my Area?

Hello to all :),

I was introduced to someone who puts out business cards with your info on the front and a list of maybe 20 resturants in my area that will give 10% off the total check when presented.

They want $295 for 1500 of these.

They look like a thin credit card and they are glossy.

Anyone ever used something like this before? ???

If so what were your results using them? ???

Thanks so much!

Yes, I’ve heard of them. Around here, schools and other nonprofit groups usually make them up and sell them for $10 a piece to raise money (Not a bad return on investment, now that I know how much they cost to print).

It would definitely get your name out in front of the public. Good if that is what you are trying to do.

Because of their use around here, I’d suggest that you set up an agreement with a local nonprofit where you pay for the cards, BOTH names go on front (yours big/theirs little) and then they can sell or “give them away” for a small donation. You’re accomplishing two things: One, you’re getting your name out, and two, you’re helping a nonprofit get $$$. It’s a good idea even for cold-hearted investors, too. It will at least make you look like you care. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how many calls these things will get you off the bat. What’s good about them is that they are usually good for a certain time limit (usually a year). That means that people will be carrying them around for a year, looking at your company everytime they eat. Sounds good to me. Make sure that you throw in a good subliminal message! :slight_smile:



Thanks, the ones I have seem cost only $295 for 1500 have my Business card and Pic on the front and a list of say 15 resturants or places that will give you 10% or more off everytime you show the card.


I work in the advertising field as well.

These cards you speak of are GREAT!!! That price you should snap them up. The idea of co partnering with a charity really is a good idea too. I know they work awesome in the south here. My wifes resteraunt advertises on them and they see them being carried by alot of patrons to get the discount. Usually here they are a 2 for 1 deal on the card not 10%.

You cant get better when the price is cheap and charity is doing the legwork while you look affiliated as the good samaritan. NO BETTER ADS can do that!!!

Just my opinion though.

Thanks, a Realtor sent me one by mail I my wife and I have used it 3 or 4 times at local resturants. We see her card everytime we pull it our of our walet.

Her business card and Pic is on the front (its heavy plastic)

and about 10 -12 places on the back that give some type of a discount at their business. Like 10% of your entire meal. (saves us like $3)

I want to give them to all my friends and family and folks I network with as a Thank You.

I think they are great and I appreciate your most valuable feedback.

I am sold and will order 1500 this week! :smiley:

Could you share the company name that produces them?

Take care,

… Christopher

I second that :slight_smile: ! What company produces them???
Sounds like something I would like having on my card


I’m interested too. I’m looking on the search engines and if I find something I’ll post it.

Any info on the link for these cards? Sounds like a great idea.

I use cards made out of wood because no one throws them away I have had people hold on to them for three+years of course I no longer use cards I got tired of the phone ringing!

THESE CARDS ARE GREAT! they look like a wodden credit card and are laser engraved!

What do you type in for the discount cards for the 295. for 1500 of them???

I am looking at doing the same thing here.



Can someone please provide a company that does these business cards?

How do you know what resturants will be on the card?

Yes, if you are interested you can shoot me an email and I can give you the toll free number to call. All my info is on my new website.