$10 deductible for all repairs for tenants?

I was thinking of adding this line into my rental contract for one of my rental properties I am about to rent out:

“There will be a $10 deductible for all maintenance repairs to the house”

What do you guys think? I do not want problem tenants that call 24/7 for every little tiny problem.

As long as it’s legal (never know these days) I’m all for the idea. The only potential problem I see is if tenants don’t tell you about problems that can get worse - and more expensive.

yeah, I can see where mochilero is coming from.
I went to look at a house a few weeks ago. The previous tenants had a tub that leaked into the basement and never told the owner. The basement was a smelly, wet, smelly, moldy, nasty mess because of this. The drywall was all wet at the bottom and went up most of the wall. It was disgusting! :-X

I would never try to discourage tenents from reporting repairs. You don’t want them to not tell you about a small water leak that turns into a larger one and ends up rotting out the floor boards. Because a small leak, overtime can turn into one expensive repair. If you don’t want 3AM phone calls, hand it over to a management company or don’t be a landlord.

I had a $25 deductible at first, but it does discourage tenants from reporting needed repairs. After a longterm tenant moved out, we found water leaks in the bathroom that I could have easily repaired. She lived there 5 years without reporting it, so it ended up costing a lot more that it should have.

We’ve always encouraged all tenants to report repairs, but she just never wanted to pay the money up front. Now, we just have a provision that they pay for the repair if it’s not normal wear and tear, such as a clogged toilet.