10 day notice on L/O

Is it legal to evict a tenant under a lease option? What validates an eviction if the rent is paid but the sewer/garbage bill is late?

You gotta look up your local laws!


Your lease is what probably prevails. If you don’t have a clause in the lease stating their responsibility then you will have a hard time making it stick.

Tenant’s obligations are as follows:
a.Take affirmative action to insure that nothing is done which might place Landlord in violation of applicable building, housing, zoning, and health codes and regulations.
b.Keep the dwelling clean and sanitary, removing garbageand trash as it accumulates, maintaining plumbing in good working order to prevent stoppages and leakage of plumbing fixtures, faucets, pipes, etc.
c.Operate all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and other appliances in a reasonable, safe manner.
d.Assure that property belonging to Landlord is safeguarded against damage, destruction, loss, removal, or theft.
e.Conduct himself, his family, friends, guests, visitors in a manner which will not disturb others.
f.Allow the Landlord or his agent access to the premisesfor the purpose of inspection, repairs, or to show the property to someone else at reasonable hours on request, and to specifically authorize unannounced access anytime rent is late, or this Agreement is terminated, pest control, maintenance estimates, serving legal notices, or emergencies.
g.Comply with all provisions of this Agreement, particularly with respect to paying the rent on time and caring for the property.
Tenant warrants that he/she will meet the above conditions in every respect, and acknowledges that failure to perform the obligations herein stipulated will be considered grounds for termination of this Agreement and loss of all deposits.