$1 Deal Maker

Hi, Anyone have anything to say about Kenny Rushing and his $1 deal maker program. Please advise, looking for some input from all with this experience. Thanks, Herbster


If he charges $1 then buy it… otherwise pass. 99.99% of these guys sell the same crap…

If they’re selling for a $1 most likely there is some sort of continuity element where they’ll zap your credit card in 30 days for who knows how much.

Just read the fine print…

Some times its easy to opt out of these programs and some time its impossible. Just be sure of who you’re doing business with.

Thanks, yrush and Ted. Thats the catch, $47 now and every month. Its not for me. Thanks again. Herbster

Just want to clarify, there is no continuity in my program. I do have a monthly private membership for advanced trainings, but it’s optional. And the course is not for sale at $1…it’s $47. And before anyone buys any course from any guru…look them up, do your research to see if they’re the real deal…including me. Happy Investing : )

Thanks Kenny. It looks like people are reading into it that the course is $1 when the $47 course will teach you how to do deals using $1. Is that right?

Kenny I stand corrected, thats just the way I understood it. I’ll give it another look. Thanks, Herbster

Yes Bluemoon…that is correct.