Yet ANOTHER example of why "CZAR's" who are not vetter are a BAD idea...


“I doubt that he just stood up in math class and started teaching gay sex. This was a self selected group he was talking to. They are going to do gay stuff they may as well do it right.”

Did you even read the link provided? From the link - "Massachusetts held its 10 Year Anniversary GLSEN/Boston conference at Tufts University. This conference was fully supported by the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Safe Schools Program, the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and some of the presenters even received federal money. During the 2000 conference, workshop leaders led a “youth only, ages 14-21″ session that offered lessons in “fisting” a dangerous sexual practice. During the same workshop an activist asked 14 year-old students, “Spit or swallow?… Is it rude?”

"The event that day was designed for children and their teachers across Massachusetts, organized by the “Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network” (GLSEN). This is the group that runs “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs in public schools across the country. "

So for you to pretend that this was targeted at gays only is just ignorant to the facts…

“He is not changing regular kids to gay kids he was teaching these kids what they can’t learn anywhere else. If you kid told you he was gay could you teach him how to fist without getting hurt? You would need some help from a professional.”

I can’t even believe you are being serious here anymore… Promoting debaucherous practices such as fisting, pissing on one another, etc… is BEYOND the pale… it flies in the face of people’s personal and religous practices and sensitivities, not to mention UNDERMINES the parental authority, and the fact that it was done behind parents backs, and then at first DENIED by the gay activists that it happened in the first place tells you all you need to know…

“If they are still laid out for us then we are not losing any of them”

Wrong,… they are slowly, through gradualism, being stripped…

“Wrong again. The richest nation is Liechtenstein at $118k per person the USA is 8th at $48k per person.”

You are talking per capita (off a population of 35,000), not aggregate GDP… quite a difference, unless you are trying to assert that Liechtensteins GDP is larger than ours… nice try… yeah, everyones clamoring to move to Liechtenstein because of boundless opportunities… :rolleyes

Talk about apples and oranges…

“Oh no it’s just like a gateway drug. You know where you start in the gateway with been and you end up with harder and harder drugs and end up on heroin.”

Hence the reason the status quo takes on a significant importance…

“You imply that we are a free nation. What are we free to do? We are no freer than any other country in the world.”

Now I am completely convinced that you are not serious about this… The fact that you can compare us to IRAN (any other country) and say that we are not freer than them is LUDICROUS…

“What are we free to do that socialism takes from us?”

Socialism takes away FREEDOM… if you are FORCED to BUY health insurance on yourself, to support a socialist program, you no LONGER have the freedom to make the determination of whether or not you want it or the ability to say no…

When you go to these things you are interested in them. The motor heads don’t go to the science fair, and the geeks don’t go to the FFA fair. The only kids that showed up to the sessions were kids that had interest in the subject matter.

Let’s say your kid turns out to be gay. Do you want him figuring out how to do this stuff on his own?

These sessions were not for every kid. It was for the kids that need to learn how to do these things safely.

It is not for my straight kid it is for your gay kid that wants to get fisted.

That is what I am asking, what rights do we not have anymore?

So the natural progression of a nation is to start capitalist, move to socialism and end up communism. We are already on the gateway economy capitalism. I don’t think so. We need (like we have) a blend of them. Don’t be scared of it understand it so that it is used in the proper context.

As I asked what are we free to do? In Iran for example the government provides everyone with work to provide their essential needs. They never have to worry about housing or food. We don’t have that freedom. I was looking at the news this weekend and a father took his adult daughter out for dinner and drinking. They didn’t want to drink and drive so they called a cab. When they were waiting in front of the restaurant for the cab a police officer came along and arrested them for being drunk in public. That is real freedom in the USA.

So I ask again what are we free to do?

In Iran for example the government provides everyone with work to provide their essential needs. They never have to worry about housing or food. We don’t have that freedom.

And in Iran, if you protest against the government, you’re thrown in jail or executed! Yeah - that’s freedom! :rolleyes

We get thrown in jail trying not to drink and drive. Freedom is relative. Nobody is free that would be anarchy. Iranians think we are crazy for having to find our way through life with the uncertainty of a finicky company that only cares about profit deciding if we have a job day to day. We think they are crazy for living where they can’t freely speak.


Freedom is living without an oppresive government, not without any government.