What do you think about these numbers from my investment analysis?

You say the owner want $169,000. What are the comps showing?

Well, it is currently leased to a dry cleaners, who want to stay when the property is sold and keep doing business at that location. It was NOT built for a dry cleaner and could be a small office or small retail business. I compared small free standing offices and retail store with the same square footage and they are priced from 100K to 130k BUT the location is at the corner on an intersection, it has a Walgreens, Marathon and Strip mall on the other corners. I think maybe the slightly higher price may be because of the nice location at this busy intersection.

While it is very dry, it is also to the point. I find the information i learned from that read would take me forever to learn on forums. That form is very clean and organized, I like it, did you make that form yourself?