Too good to pass up

Javipa is the pro at real estate. I wish I was as smart as Javipa.

Someday I’ll resemble your compliments… I’m not that smart…

I completely understand what you are doing…I understand the math involved. I think the most trouble I have had going the route you are talking about is identifying the property that’s being offered at 50% of ARV, and in general being in the right place at the right time. Surely a network of agents who know you are looking to buy helps. The competition in the DFW market (where I am) is cut throat right now. These types of homes never hit the MLS – they are are pocket listings and move quick. Very quick.

Is there another good way – other than an agent network – that makes these properties available?

Our main office is located in Dallas. I understand exactly what you mean. It’s becoming over-saturated with investors up there. The only other option is wholesalers, but BUYER BEWARE. Do your homework and never rely solely on their numbers.

A real estate agent is your best bet to get good deals before they hit the MLS. I know most investors don’t like to pay a realtor 6% to find the great deals and used that realtor to closed the deal.

I agree. He is the only I seen in this thread with the right answer…which is that this isnt a deal. The nice thing about using 20 years or less amms is that it forces you to find better deals.