Shooter was Coddled OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!


•Taurus 24/7 Pro Long Slide Pistol
•40 Smith and Wesson Caliber
•Single/Double Action
•Ribber Grip Overlay Grips
•Heinie Front Sight
•Straight Eight Rear Sight
•5.2 inch Barrel Length
•15 round Magazine Capacity
•Weighs 31 ounces
•Stainless Finish

What you think about Taurus Mike? Im new to guns. Its not a big name-brand like S&W. Thats what I just got. When im ready to carry (in a few years) Ill probably get something else. Yeah, thats right FO, im GOING to have MORE than 2 guns. (I plan on having enough to arm all my family!) People around the gun shop had nothing negetive to say about a 5.2 inch barrel handgun like this for my purpose (home protection, not carrying). Indiana Law says i cant carry till’ im 21.

Good power and alot of rounds. Good cost, seemed like a good learning gun.

Sounds like a great gun Hoosier! Have fun! After you’ve been shooting a few times, you might want to look into IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) matches in your area. They set up real world type scenarios and are great practice! Maybe I’ll even see you at some matches!

Here’s what I got:

It fits nicely in my back and goes with me pretty much everywhere I go. I need to get out and shoot it sometime. So far I’ve just kept it with me, but it would be nice to put some rounds thru it. I wanted something a little more potent than a 9mm and this was affordable.

Heres 2 pics of me and my gun.


You are one of the youngest-looking 18 year old’s I’ve ever seen… hopefully those genes will follow you all your adult life… :beer

HAHA, thanks PO. Gotta remove that red-eye though.

I was trying to put that pic(like you did) straight on there, but couldnt figure it out.

Less than 2 months away from being 19 :slight_smile:
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Seattle is my home town and that place is so violent. I saw more fights growing up there than any other place I have lived or visited. I think testosterone is just way too high due to everyone being indoors all of the time.

What happened with this shooting is such a tragedy. Police officers in Seattle are really nice. Everyone I have ever known that has had a dealing with the police in Seattle has said these guys were so polite…myself included.

So what is the deal with Huckabee letting a guy out of prison. I’m not sure but I bet it was political. For every guy we let out of prison that frees up $50k /year to put toward something else. Felt sorry for him…doubtful but there was probably a hidden agenda to make it happen.

Gun control…it’s a shame that we have to carry guns. If I worked the neighborhoods that propertymanager mike works, I would definitely carry a gun. Almost having to shoot someone is the exact reason I don’t landlord anymore. When I was really honest with myself, I realized I was spending every day in the same crack infested neighborhoods as my tenants…and that sucked.

Gun control…no gun control. Educate and train for safe use. People can’t exactly blame the gov’t when they leave their gun loaded around the house and someone hurts themselves or shoots them with it.

Remember, laws are there to protect the weak…not to deter crime. Crime and the war on drugs are very fundable.

And above all, remember that the sale of arms, guns and other military hardware are our biggest industry.

God bless the USA!