Sheet's Personal Coaching Program

Again thanks for all your comments. Eventhough it got a little off subject ;). Anyways…I’ve decide NOT to do the personal coaching. Thanks for the advice.
P.S. Thanks Jeff. I’ll keep you posted. ;D

a little off topic, but i have a Masters Degree in Computer Science from a reputed University and i think it was a waste.
i went to college to prepare for the real world by preparing to get a job and make money. in that respect college didn’t meet my expectations.
I think i would have been better off working thse years. but i’ll admit it was a blast!!! just not all that useful.

So I guess the value of education is a personal opinion with answers as varied as there are people.

I think the purposes of Grace’s post was to inquire as to the value of a specific course as it would apply to her situation.

Can you really give the poster an accurate opinion if you haven’t tried the coaching program? All those naysayers in the opinion poll with only an initial for their last name. …? I’ve TALKED to some of them. The resaon they failed had little to do with the coaching.

You may be successful without Carelton Sheets coaching but no one was asking about that.

I’ve determined it must be all Grace2’s fault for asking the question wrong.

Hey! Did anyone catch my clever reference to the game Monopoly in my previous post? (7th posting from the top.)

Just checking…


The initial post asked about spending $3000 for personal coaching, not about the course.