Sandwich Lease Option

I believe putting your corporation on the contracts is the whole point of starting an LLC. Have all the contracts under your LLC and your ass will be covered.

I Personaly think that there is plenty of money in this deal you need to ask for a monthly credit of $200 or more so you can offer that as an incentive to your tennant/ buyer and not eat all your profit. I will take 10k and $200-$400 per month any day. I operate on margins like this all the time and well the cool thing is you can do 5 deals like this in a week or less when it takes 30 to 60 days on most other methods.
If you have good contracts you won’t have an issue with lawsuits.
On deals that I felt the seller was going to try to back out I opened an extended escrow and treated the deal like a really long closeing. I compleat between 4-12 of these deals a month.

By any chance would you know how to structure a sandwhich lease option in TEXAS? I know its illegal to do sandwhich lease option but have heard there is a way around it legally. Thanks!

This seems tricky…