rent collection

Definately tenants should be treated like human beings.

Not only that, but each tenant gets to choose all by himself what sort of human being he gets to be treated like.

Mature responsible tenants get treated like mature responsible human beings.

Tenants who are thieves, get treated like they are human beings who are thieves. (and not paying rent is theft)

Tenants who act like spoiled, self-centered, 5 year olds, receive treatment that is a bit stricter.

Rent due on the first should never comes as a surprise. It’s not like a tenant pays on the first for a year and a half and all of a sudden can’t believe it that rent was due on the first of November.

I’m gonna call Joe Francis (as soon as he gets out of jail) and team up with him for some new videos…TENANTS GONE WILD… :beer