Pros and Cons of Section 8

Note what was said morbid-and-surprised.

There ARE good people on section 8, seriously. BUT, finding them is VERY hard, and the landlords that GET them will go OUT OF THEIR WAY to keep them.


People that TRUELY DESERVE/NEED section 8, won’t be able to rent your house because they’ll need extra modifications that your house doesn’t have.

I am assuming that you are one of the “good” people.

However, I am shocked that you come here and act as if there are not a massive amount of perfectly healthy people taking advantage of the American taxpayer in the Section 8 program.

My “typical” Section 8 tenant in all honesty is a parasite on the American tax payer, “working the system” for everything they can. Most often a completely healthy female fully capable of employment and completely providing for themselves, but won’t because they will end up loosing Section 8 if they make too much money. So they are destined to suck off the system for life and steal from the average Joe that struggles to make ends meet.

How do you even have the nerve to say that there are not a massive amount of people abusing the Section 8 program? No one here said that every single person on the Section 8 program is worthless. You obviously were not clearly reading the posts.

I think it’s more a matter of the housing authority than the tenant. You can weed out the bad tenants, but there’s only one HA in your area and you are SOL if they are difficult. The ones in my area treat LLs are the enemy and I do everything I can to avoid renting to Section 8, even though it is a protected class in my state.

I think BryanC215 was dead on. Sec 8 is no easy answer to vacancies. I personaly will not accept it. I have nicer properties and would quickly lose my other tenants if I did. Another local landlord that handles nothing but Sec 8 says its all or none. He is an expert in Sec 8 but would galdly trade up if he could. Another local landlord will not Sec 8 because he says the people are home all day causing more wear and tear and as BryanC215 states all the family and friends move in ASAP. Regardless of what the local Admin of Sec 8 says there is no personal responsiblity of the tenant. And the threat of kicking them off is laughable to the tenants. Remember Cabrini Green in Chicago, even the hard hitting, street tough police would not enter where Sec 8 ruled.

I would add that regular tenants can be just as bad but- they are easier to get out and if working now or the future a lein can be put on them. Sec 8 forget it.