pre-foreclosure deals, I have homes, investors, now what

what do your letters say? and what angle are you taking?

I’m getting the list of foreclosures, and sending out letters that say I can help. Here is a copy of what I"m doing:

Dear Neighbor,

I know how overwhelming your life must feel during this stressful time.


I understand because I have been through the agonies of foreclosures with other clients. I understand how it feels to have the bank want to take your home away, leaving you and your family without many options.

I’m sure various creditors and collection companies who keep hounding you for payment are overwhelming you.

My partners and I can work with you and your bank to purchase your home from you and save your credit. No one wants to have a foreclosure on the credit report, as it takes years and years to wipe away. If you are interested in selling your property, whether it’s large, small, needs some fixing up or TLC, I would love to take a look and make a quick offer and help.

I work with a team of professional investors who have the cash to purchase property quickly and in “as-is” condition regardless of the situation.

Please call me at the number below if you are interested. Don’t wait until tomorrow, pick up the phone and call me today. We would love to help those in need, to prevent foreclosure—protecting their credit and bringing their payments current. Thank you for your time and consideration. If we can do a sale on your home with help from your bank, we can prevent any foreclosure sale, which will save your credit.

Have received a few phone calls, but people who mostly want to sell for what it’s worth. I guess they are not desperate enough, and I live in south florida, where 1,000 people move into the state per day, so selling property is really not that hard. I just haven’t found the right niche yet.

Statistically speaking direct mail to a target market only receives an average of 0.2% percent return rate. For this type of market should be hirer, because this is a very specific targetted market, so let’s say 2%.

Now have you received at least a 2% response on your mailings? And that’s just a response, a phone call, email? Then it’s working, I know probably not to the level in which you were expecting.

The highest response to target marketing is referrals, going down from there is door knocking, which usually provides a 3-5% success rate. which is better than mailers…

Look at your target market, and look at the marketing statistics, now statistics I was using were national, now I’m sure there are marketing firms in your area that can provide you with better stats.

Good Luck!


Thanks Kirk
Know I need to find an area and really target it, and start w/ the door knocking and phone calls

thanks for the stats.