Potential Deal in the making Help!

You’re doing good. You can ALWAYS renegotiate deals. You have your thinking cap on! :biggrin

If she doesn’t come back with a much better figure don’t give up though. You will find buyers in strange places as long as you keep your mouth running and tell everyone you see about this incredible deal they should jump on. They don’t HAVE to be investors. Just credit worthy.

Woah…she came back haaaaaaaaaaarddddd !!.she ain’t selling for less than $45 K…she checked out the GIS doesn’t thin two cents of it…she inteligently expressed her sentiments & that most of the homes currently on sale around her’s ,occupied or not,all reflect the same amount in the GIS…advises that I look at these findings with a grain of salt…so I relented and held steady at her asking for now… she stated that a home that was all boarded up and vacant for years sold for $54 k ,in 2007…yeah I know :eek…I told her she can’t compare a "robust market " in 2007 to the market today…never the less she ain’t going down like that…so we are steady with one day of campaigning under the belt.

I have had many sellers tell me of some property that sold during the peak of the bubble. Always call them on it! And then I tell them unfortunately the market isn’t like that anymore and doesn’t look like it will be for a very long time. But hopefully it will bounce back. The unfortunate thing is that there are many experts that say otherwise.

Give it some time. Continue to try to sell it. If you can’t let her know why. I have also had many people come back to me after and say remember when you said you would give me __ for my property? And I tell them that I really needed one then and I am not in the same position now as I have found many but I am willing to talk to you about purchasing it. So now they are going to get spanked even harder because they wanted to play games before. :biggrin

Sometimes it takes a while of someone NOT selling their property until the get the point and they better take the offer that they got. I love it when they give it to some crappy realtor that doesn’t want to spend any money on advertising it and the listing expires without it being sold. I will then approach them again with the same lowball offer and at this point they are much more receptive.

Now while your working on selling this one also work on getting some more locked up on a contract. You fill the funnel and deals trickle out the bottom. And once you have talked to many people you will find yourself going back to some old ones and making deals. etc.