Newbie - 50K, Atlanta, 3-6 month time herizon, no debt, any advice ?


You should really think about how you want to play the game. I strongly suggest buy/hold.

After that, pick a location that you know well (usually where you currently live) and start looking for deals. You will need to know what the market rate for rent is in a given area. This may also help you find a location. You may want to stick with areas where rent is near X amount.

Also talk with several lenders/banks regarding what your financing options are. Talk with yourself regarding how many deals per year do you want to do. Are you trying to spend 50K in the next 6 months, 3 years or what. Do you want 1 property or 5?

I’ve been investing in Atlanta for the last 3 years (buy/hold). I think the options are great here.