Negotiation tips

Jake, 2 things that have helped me more than anything else in R/E investing.
1 direct mail marketing, couldn’t imagine succeeding without it.
2 negotiating skills. I don’t mean possessing charm, brilliance, and outwitting the other person, but rather recognize the components that are needed for the buyer and seller to come to a meeting of the minds.

I recommend The KARASS organization. They hold seminars in major cities all over the country. their focus is the purchasing departments employees of corporate business. However the components are all the same no matter what business you are in. Learned more those 3 days than any point in my life I can remember. Not cheap Will set you back about $ 1ooo.oo. In the meantime you can find the author’s used books and material under Chester Karrass on Ebay
Best Wishes,

BabySpankr I think your name is illegal in most states. ROFLMAO Gotta love the imagination of folks…

One of best books on negotiations I’ve ever read is “You Can Negotiate Anything” by Herb Cohen