That was uncalled for… Have you chatted with her and listened to her values and core beliefs of life? I have… And paying it forward has little to do with religion.

If you have never done something for someone for the sake of giving then you missing the whole idea of prosperity…

As for teaching people without financial gain… And I am going to be sorry I write this however there are people on this board that I have yet to charge for my time and I am there for them when they need me and frankly it is a considerable amount of time… When they read this I do not want them to feel as though they should back off on their questions nor do I want them to ever pay me for my help.

Mentoring is a business… However like business it also allows us the freedom of choice.

When was the last time you walked into the grocery store on Thanksgiving and paid for every ones groceries? How many cars have you bought peole? How much have you donated to schools and children? Ever cash a check for someone in the grocery line and threw their check away.

Ever go out to McDonalds on a friday night and buy families the food…

If you havent then you have no idea what it means to pay it forward…

Shell didnt deserve your criticism… She is a struggling mother who is trying the feed her family and wants good things for them… We need more people like her…

Good Job Michael!!! Someone had to say it…glad it was you this time.

It is obvious from the Z man’s postings that he is serving Satan. Not only that, it appears that he is lacking in experience, maturity, and success, which keeps his perspective extremely narrow. Very sad. Typically, people who do not subscribe to paying it forward are so self centered and self righteous that they are tuned into ‘wiifm’ (what’s in it for me).

Try giving something away or treating someone and see what happens…for those of you who can’t afford to buy someone a meal, pay a double toll at the toll plaza and tell them it’s for the guy behind you! I do it all the time…people race up to see who did it! They will feel so good and appreciate it so much that they will do the same in turn.

Imagine what would happen long term at that act of kindness.

Anyway, good job Michael for standing up for what is right, spiritual, and honorable.


Hi Z man,

I won’t get into the relgious debate even though I could… really

However, you have to think in terms of the actual market out there.
Mentors don’t create competition, they create allies.

when I first got started, the man who mentored me was the person I was sending my deals to that I couldn’t do on my own just yet.

we would partner up on deals, he would walk me through others. My 4rth deal I’ve ever done was on an apartment complex. And guess what? Without prompting, I let my mentor in on it. He had the private lenders we needed and it paid off.

A good mentor will also show you tons of different ways to do the same deal that many of your competitors may not know about.

Of course, we do make money fro coaching, but aside from that, there is personal satisfaction in helping others, and good things do come around. I know that first hand.


Wow, hold on, hold on. Back off everyone.

First things first.
Dennis, I agree with you 100%. Let’s not make this a religion debate. I can gladly discuss religion with you but I’m sure there are other forums for that. On that note, Rob don’t be saying that I serve satan, may be I do, maybe I don’t but that’s irrelevant and none of your business.

Going back to my post,
Michael, you are correct, I have never chatted with Shell nor have I listened to her values or core beliefs on life, I know nothing about her the exactly the same way she knows nothing about me. Yet, she replies to my post saying that I’m selfish and that she feels sorry for me. Now, that was uncalled for especially if you don’t know where I’m coming from. I simply asked a valid question (and according to your post it was a great question) and fortunately you and Dennis responded. You do it for the satisfaction of helping others and Dennis sees it as a way to opening up other opportunities that might not be there otherwise. Those were perfectly good answers and I admire that.

As far as Rob, he thinks I don’t have experience, maturity or success and I have a narrow perspective, but then again he knows nothing about me. So now we know who really lacks those things. How can you compare paying a meal for someone or paying a $0.75 toll for the person behind you to training someone for months maybe years on something they will be doing the rest of their life??? Furthermore, he talks about what’s right, spiritual, and honorable. Don’t ever forget that this is a business and we all make money thanks to the misfortune of others. Rob, do you think is right, spiritual or honorable profiting from a foreclosure thinking that the only reason you did that deal was because the previous owner lost his/her job and therefore could not pay the mortgage anymore or that a couple got divorced for X reason and ended up losing the house and you bought it and flipped it??? I didn’t think so. So don’t be a hypocrite and be talking about what’s right, honorable and spiritual.

Ok first thank you for not turning this into a religious debate. This is a unique forum, but there are literally thousands of forums out there specifically for the purpose of debating that. I know of some of the best if you really want to get your opinion out.

But the golden rule law, law of doing unto others as you want them to do to you, of sowing and reaping, what comes around comes around, etc etcis a LAW. Ive never seen ut disputed. Nature shows this to be true, and atheism, naturalism, paganism, christianity, all religions agree with this rule. It does not have to be connected to God, evolution could show you just fine that the earth evolved in such a way that when you plant a seed you reap what you planted.

Now to the true topic, realize that mentors REALLY want to help ppl. Those fees are silly, chumps change to them. They could make double that in a matter of days. They dont need us students money. Michael, being my mentor, will get 50k off of me this year because of the deals ill do. He could make that easily in a month (considering hes done 200 deals in one year). So i dont think hes just doing it for the money, same with all the mentors on this forum.

Also dont fprget that by stimulating the market by creating more good investors will make you more money, create more jobs, increase americas economic condition, and actually provide more opportunuities for you.

Finally, if someones gotten foreclosed on thats life. Your not profitting from their failure, ultimately you try to buy the house before it gets foreclosed on and if it does your helping the bank. But since when is investing confined to foreclosures? We try to help people by providing an option they didnt have before. They are not forced to take it.


I would be cautious with your commentary on religion. Do you really think that people see you as credible when you support the theory of evolution when you know that Darwin confessed his faith in Christ on his death bed. And although I really did not want to publish this, who would think you credible with 5th grade grammar in your postings!!! You can attack me if you wish, but Christ is on my team…so have at it. I would suggest that you actually learn how to read, then read and study the bible before you turn your life over to the adversary and follow the theory of evolution.



get a mentor who has a common interest in your profits, this way you can be assured he will do everything he or she can to help you and teach you…like a 50/50 split for the first few deals or so…this way you can learn how to do it through expert guidance, share the money so the mentor gets his share…then after a few deals this way, you should be able to go out and do it all on your own.

The last company I worked for, we would charge several thousand dollars up front…then, neither the owner of the coach really had any reason to go above and beyond to really help the student…so a small fee sounds fair, then after with somesort of joint partnership to start with.