Is the Carlton Sheets program for real?

My recommendation is to stick to the areas that you speak the native language of. Are you familiar with how their RE works (the laws, etc.)? Try Canada and the UK if you are thinking of investing overseas. The exchange rate is better and you will make extra money because of it. I definitely would not hold properties in areas you do not expect to live as you would need to be there to oversee them. Flipping (Wholesaling, not rehabbing) in those areas would be a more preferable choice.

Robert Kiyosaki taught us how to think about money, Carlton Sheets taught us how to think about real estate deals. To use either of these pools of knowledge requires thinking and work – but we love the results we got from both. Together they helped us go from broke to millionaires.

I think we’ve purchased Carlton Sheets course 3 times in the last 9 years and learned new concepts each time. Oh, and there still are assumable mortgages out there.

Ya im in the military, Army National Gaurd. im in Iraq right now till july of 2006, and i have bought the carlton sheets program and learned alot from it… i mean it was the first thing i bought on real estate. i have read many books after doing this program that were just as good… and i think any investment on education is a good thing… i think some really good books are, millionare real estate invester, by gary keller… automatic millionare homeowner, by david bach… abc’s of real estate investing… those are some of the best on real estate i think! im new to investing i bought a home a couple years ago and now have 90,000 in equity which i am going to get a line of credit on and use to invest in multi family homes… well anyway i think the carlton sheets progam really opened my eyes to real estate but i woulnt just use that program i would suggest reading everything you can about real estate and go from there… Mike

Thanx for your service, Mike…Keep your head down over there.

I am retired (CW3) from active duty after 20 years…

God Bless you and keep you!


whatever real estate guru has an infomercial are the ones you do not want to study.

there main income comes form those infomercials not real estate.

carlton sheets simply is trash… his course will not get you anywhere…

check out conti/ finkel. ron legrand andbruce norris if your in california.

One man’s public opinion opens the door for opposing opinions.

Regarding Carleton Sheets:

In 2005, I bought 6 properties, sold 4, one was a flip, one was a rehab and flip. I also did assignments. I have done lease options, no money down, seller financed, private lenders and partnerships. I have purchased 2 NMD properties for my sister and taught my friend who has bought 3 properties NMD in one year.

I have been doing this part time for two years. In my first 14 months, I purchased 10 properties, ALL using CARLETON SHEETS techniques.

So when you say Carleton Sheets will not get you anywhere. Don’t you really mean that Carleton Sheets will not get YOU anywhere?

Cuz he sure got me somewhere.

If you own a copy of the Sheets program I would be happy to walk you through the course and maybe help you get somewhere with it. It is my experience that the people that complain the loudest never even bought the course. Not saying that’s the case here though.

P.S. Carleton does not pay me to defend him. But he did teach me how to pay myself.

I understand what you are saying,But just to clear eberything up i do own the carlton sheets course, and it is far most the worst course i have evr purchased.

you say you hav ebought so many properties using carlton sheets, i do not doubt that, but im sure you also read up and studided other courses that helped you along your journey.

you said you bought 10 properties using carltons techniques… these techniques are not carltons there ron legrands, bruce norris, conti/ finkel etc. techniques.

what carlton sheets has in his program are real techniques no doubt about that, but the course in general is 1 out of 10.


It has been 24 properties purchased using Carleton’s techniques. The 10 properties were just the first 14 months.

Regardless of whose techniques you think they are, I got them by studying the Carleton Sheet’s program. Only the Sheets program.

Don’t assume I have studied other programs. I have only been at this for two years. I am applying what works for me. That is why you will never hear me comment on other gurus on these boards. I haven’t tried their courses so I can’t offer any personal real experience that would benefit others. (Except for a Kyosaki video)

You must tangible or specific reasons for thinking Carleton’s course is a 1 out of a 10.

I would like to hear you say “Carleton Sheets course sucks because ………(something tangible)

As I said previously, I am willing to show you where you went wrong with the course if you are willing to do the work.

Great Stuff, Charles! Thank you. It’s like an REI bible on one page. It reinforces what I know and has added tons of stuff I haven’t tried or thought of yet.

Carlton Sheets is in his 20th year on television. He may be doing something right, but I read somewhere that many of his early strategies were obliterated during the S&L crisis of the late 1980’s.

Carlton Sheets, Robert Kiosaki, Robert Allen and many others have all learned from the granddaddy of all Real Estate guru’s: Albert Lowry who, along with his deceased partner/friend William Nickerson developed the concept of the Real Estate Seminar. Albert Lowry isn’t on television hawking his books and tapes. But he is the man who developed the idea of the Real Estate Investor Club which, I suppose I wouldn’t be writing this message right now if not for Albert Lowry.

If you can find a copy of Nickerson’s book: How I turned $300 into $1 million (later editions claimed $3 million and $5 million) it’s an invaluable resource teaching about investing in a small property by leveraging your money with the largest percentage loan possible and sharing some of his landlording experiences. The book, written in the early 70’s is out of print but sometimes available on e-bay.

Reading this site is amazing. I am currently learning REI. I purchased Carltons program a year ago and still have not made it through the first book. I get stummped when I get to the Credit Part. I have decent credit 610 on a good day. I am currently fixing up my own home to learn the ins and outs of home improvements.

I feel I am procrastinating or as I read earlier floundering. I have a large family and a dead end job. Does anyone one have any advice on the best 1,2,3 steps to take? I have even completed my realestate principles coarse. Just affraid to take the next step I guess.

Erik from California (NORTHERN) (WAY NORTHERN)

Hello to all of the Real Estate investors!!!

I regret to inform you Vicky that Albert Lowry does sell his courses.

I went to a real estate investing seminar last year in New York and he had an 8 hour seminar.I got a chance to say hello to him in person. I extended my hand upon first meeting
he didn’t want to shake my hand, and didn’t even give me an answer as to why.
Now for the record I don’t have anything aginst him personally I would like to add
but if you are going to try to sell me a course for over 1,000 dollars could you as
least TRY to fake like you care for the people you are peddling your courses to?

I have the Carleton Sheets program as well. It has a wealth of information, get it as cheaply as you can and try it for yourself. If you really want to do the cheap route get the course
for 9.99 and the free 30 day trial. If it doesn’t work to your liking then send it back and you
wasted 9.99 a small drop in the pan considering what we spend 9.99 on ;D Everybody is
different so what works for me might or might not work for you. Try different things to see what works out for you. Let us know how everything turns out.

skip all the gurus and buy The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, by Gary Keller at any bookstore for $22.


I read the book Millionaire Real Estate Investor as well. It’s a great read. Everyobdy is different do what works for you.