Interesting article.....

Phlem, I will admit that Nursing isnt as bad as I originally thought. But let me be straight forward… Im a 18 year old kid who got average grades in HS and lives in the Midwest. The Midwest is horrible right now, and Health Care is the only field that ANYBODY around here is still living unaffected.

(I got lucky as heck to even get into this nursing program im in, they only pick 50 and around 600 people tried to get in). They obviously saw something in me… I wonder what that could be (have you seen my dancing videos!!!)

Ive been on this board since I was 16, and although I will admit, I should know more than what I do when it comes to this business, I know its what I want to do. Nursing is just a way to get me some quick cash and keep me out of poverty heaven forbid investing doesnt work out. I deffinetly want to get out of nursing in the long run and get into something more independent. My mind right now cant handle any learning beyond what college is teaching me, but after I graduate, im going at this Real Estate stuff full-head of steam!

Hoosier. That’s fine if you want to makes some quick cash. Its just that you need to realize that it not just about the money. It’s about how you act on the job and actually trying to make a difference in people’s lives… That’s true whether you’re in it for 5 days or 5 yrs.

That is hilarious!!