How many mortgages can you have?

Well, let’s just keep it simple then for our readers who are investors. The original question was how many mortgages can you have?

The answer is UNLIMITED!!!

Since you seem to feel rather strongly about this (it was just a question after all remember, with the entitlement of others to post a response)…Just out of curiosity, which banks are you working with that are willing to provide an UNLIMITED number mortgages to investors?


You’re right again.

The only limits are those you place on yourself. Lenders, don’t talk to me about guidelines. Give me solutions. If my goal is to buy 3 properties a week, what is your value to me? I can tell you with certainty that if you’re suggesting selling my loans to a handful of sub- prime lenders you have, we’re kidding ourselves. I tell other investors I work with that when a loan officers starts talking about limits, you better knock on another door. As an investor, you MUST think outside the box. How many mortgages are you limited to with Seller financing? How many private investors do you need to finance 100 deals? What is your limit on the number of lease back deals you can do? Alas, if I must go to the bank, I hope I haven’t exceeded my limit!

Thanks again Ben,