HELP!!! - New tenants not paying rent


Sob stories have nothing to do with the eviction laws (at least in Ohio). If the judges aren’t following the law - YOU should do something about it. Organize your local landlords and cause a ruckus! Put some pressure on the judge. Letters to the editor and filing complaints with the overseeing authority are very effective. GET INVOLVED!


I do not bribe tenants to follow the lease. When you do this, all you’re doing is encouraging your other tenants to rip you off - VERY FOOLISH! In addition, you are ripping off your fellow landlords by not having an eviction show up on the tenant’s record. This riff-raff makes the rounds from landlord to landlord. By evicting them, every landlord can see what they’ve done and refuse to rent to them. Maybe spending a little time on the street will help adjust their priorities.



I know someone who does that as well. He says he will pay them to leave but it will count as a rental payment. They leave and he says I have to pay your back rent first before I pay you.
He has a contract they sign which basically states that after they move out, he will pay them Xamount of dollars. The proceeds will first go towards back rent to him and then they keep the rest. He never offers more than they owe so they get nothing and can not go back in since they lawfully left.

Some interesting stuff here…

I’ve often heard that paying out a bad tenant works well :-. Although, there isn’t a record giving constructive notice with the county recorders office. It seems to be a fast and feisable solution to the alternative of the eviction process.

Another angle worth noting might be filing a document that the tenant was evicted even if you pay them off to leave the property? This would give constructive notice to the general public while getting the tenant out of there quickly.

Would this work?

Boy I wish my landlord paid to get rid of deadbeats. When I planned to move I would not pay the last few months of rent then take the $1000 offered, that would put a few thousands bucks tax free into my pocket…

Wonder if you can somehow 1099 the unpaid rent and income to them…


No, you can not file a document saying that they’ve been evicted if you’ve paid them to leave. All that will get you is a lawsuit from the tenants that you’ve just lied about. If you didn’t go to court - they were’nt evicted.


If I stopped paying my mortgage payment for the next few months, do you think my bank would give me about $10K to leave? Sounds like a sweet deal!


That’s what I was thinking, where do I sign up?